Refreshing Minerals for Your Water

Calcium, magnesium, sodium – These minerals determine the taste of every mineral water. And they constitute an indispensable component of your healthy diet.

With five characteristic compositions, our water sommeliers present the entire spectrum of mineral water taste: flavor, minerals and intensity. You choose your taste and what you feel is good for you.

Compositions of our water sommeliers


MINERALMEISTER contains a rich proportion of the typical mineral water elements calcium, magnesium and sodium. In the development of MINERALMEISTER, we have placed emphasis on a full-bodied character through the harmonious combination of these three elements.

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This composition unfolds the fine-sweet flavor note characteristic of magnesium. But calcium and sodium should not be missing in a successful mineralization, and so you can sense these accents in the background.

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Feine Tradition

What is it that gives the great traditional mineral waters their typical tangy note? It's always the sodium content that makes the taste. We celebrate the delightfully mineral taste of these waters with our FEINE TRADITION variety.

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Balance pH 8,6

With a pH level of 8.6, this mineralization lifts your water clearly into the alkaline range and will delight you with its refreshing taste. In addition, this mineralization comes completely without sodium.

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Spektrumpack with all varieties

With the SPEKTRUMPACK you experience the whole diversity of mineral water taste. All 5 varieties of Der Wasserist are included.

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The mineralization focus on calcium gives BERGSEE Mineralization an elegant, dry character. Lower levels of magnesium and sodium round out this blend. It is a tribute to the spring water from the rock of the Alps.

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The spectrum of mineral taste in water

Our compositions were originally developed to re-mineralize purified water, for example from reverse osmosis, distillation or seawater desalination plants. This is because such demineralized H²O tastes bland and can be harmful to health. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 10 mg of magnesium and 30 mg of calcium per liter of drinking water.

During development, we recognized that our products offer an enhanced taste experience for every drinking water. While all mineral waters from natural sources have defined mineral levels, Wasserist sommeliers can model every facet in the spectrum of mineral water taste. You have full choice. In addition, you determine which intensity tastes best to you with the amount of powder you would like to use.

The spectrum of mineral water taste can be represented as a simple model, with each mineral representing its own taste character:

Another special feature is offered by our Balance pH 8.6 variety, which has a balanced ratio of calcium and magnesium, contains no sodium (table salt) at all and uses a higher proportion of potassium in addition to a touch of zinc. Potassium is a typical component of green vegetables and raises the mineralized water into the alkaline range.


Minerals are vital inorganic nutrients. They are provided to your body with a healthy diet.

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We want to contribute to the development and diffusion of innovative solutions to provide people and nature with good water.

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