The mission of Der Wasserist

Growing world population, environmental pollution, industrial agriculture, overfertilization of the soil, falling groundwater levels, ailing water supply systems... The siphoning off of groundwater can no longer quench this world's thirst for pure water. The UN considers water scarcity to be one of the greatest crises of our time, which is increasingly becoming a cause of conflict.

But there are also solutions to these problems. Increasingly efficient and sustainable technologies extract purest H2O from any kind of water, including wastewater, the salt water of the oceans and from atmospheric humidity.

We want to contribute to the development and diffusion of innovative solutions to provide people and nature with good water.

Today, we already purify large quantities of water with reverse osmosis and distillation devices. This water is clean, but demineralized. Our products are desinged to solve this problem. The minerals they contain turn H2O into a mineralized and tasty drink.

Our mineralizations make drinking tap water much more exciting, which helps eliminate disposable bottled water and thus reduce plastic waste.




Save yourself the load and our world a lot of waste.


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