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a rich mineralization in perfect harmony

MINERALMEISTER contains a rich proportion of the typical mineral water minerals calcium, magnesium and sodium. In the development of MINERALMEISTER, we have placed emphasis on a full-bodied character through the harmonious combination of these three elements.

MINERALMEISTER is a drink powder for the production of mineralized water from poorly mineralized or demineralized water.


Dose the mineralization according to your preference. For a slight mineralization take a little less than the 2 ml MINERALMEISTER drink powder, for a more intense mineralization take a little more.

If you sparkle your water, it is best to do it after you have dissolved the mineralization.

Can Content: 85 g, yields approx. 57 servings

With the help of the included measuring spoon, dose 2 ml of MINERALMEISTER drink powder and dissolve it in 1 liter of water. Please shake well and wait a little. Use only clean water and consume soon.

With 2 ml of drink powder your water contains:

Calcium 127 mg
Magnesium 53 mg
Natrium 84 mg

Compare these values with the information on the mineral water bottles you usually consume!

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